Healthy Home Builders was created not only out of necessity, but also in an effort to educate and change the common, unhealthy building practices that exist today. There are no other builders in the United States that take healthy home building as seriously as we do. From the vigorous product testing to the extra steps necessary to ensure the products and construction techniques used are the healthiest, we go far beyond what is required by law. This results in a far healthier indoor environment, including air and water quality, for our clients. Additionally, we incorporate the latest, proven products and technologies to maximize energy efficiency that go “Way beyond Green” and LEED Certifications – a true Healthy Home Builders home.

Choosing The Right Non-Toxic Products

We’ve tested and used hundreds of healthier products from raw building materials to finishes such as zero VOC paints and stains. Tap into a wealth of experience and the research we’ve already done for the best available products to use in your home. We continually research and test the products we use, even in our own homes, before giving them the Healthy Home Builders Seal of Approval.

Healthy Building Techniques & Practices

Healthy Home Builders will help guide you or your contractor(s) through the process of vetting and using our list of certified and tested products when building or renovating your home or office. Our experience using and building with these products will help reduce any unwanted, potentially toxic results. We’ll also help get the absolute best results from choosing the correct products for your specific applications. Whether in person or by phone/video conferencing, Healthy Home Builders can be right there to help.

Getting Started on your Healthy Home

Have a project or consultation that Healthy Home Builders can assist you with? Call or contact us today. We can equip you or your team with the information necessary to build a truly healthy living space.