Healthy Home Builders’ mission is to educate and change the common, unhealthy home building and renovation practices that exist today. The global concerns of COVID-19 and how important indoor air truly is to good health has awakened so many to what we have been perfecting and leading the charge on. We go beyond what is required by law and create far healthier, non-toxic environments for preventative health and wellness. Our certified, nationally recognized practices are “Way Beyond Green” and extend well beyond the highest LEED standards.

What to expect from our consultations

We’ve tested and used hundreds of non-toxic, healthier products and building techniques to ensure a well ventilated, and insulated healthy home. You’ll have direct access to our industry-leading building and air-quality specialists. Their wealth of experience, research, and recommendations of the best available materials and techniques to use are shared. We work directly with your contractors, decorators, and healthcare specialists for you.

Get started with a discovery call

One of our leading healthy home experts will arrange a brief preliminary discovery call. That call will help determine what steps are necessary to create the healthiest home possible for you and your family.

Discovery Call Request:

Preferred time for discovery call:


After a complimentary, comprehensive discovery call, Healthy Home Builders’ consultation rates are as follows: $450 for the first initial hour, $350 per billable hour thereafter; billable on a monthly basis for services rendered. Consultations include research, education, materials and/or technique guidance, conference calls or in-person meetings, travel, lodging, and any miscellaneous expenses incurred.