What exactly is Way Beyond Green™?

There are no conventional standards for the combination of indoor air quality, water purification systems, and energy efficiency we build into our homes. These properties are distinguished not only by their use of non-toxic materials but by understated elegance, thoughtful floor plans, and meticulous detail. The guiding principles for the firm’s projects are to be mindful of how their buildings will become part of the fabric of their community. No two projects are alike, as the aesthetic of each home is attuned to the history and architecture of each neighborhood. That’s what it means to go “Way Beyond Green™”.

We believe that indoor air and water quality are truly overlooked aspects of sustainable development. The firm’s core principle is to pioneer the use of materials, systems, and design to protect the health and wellness of its occupants through improvements in building materials and techniques, indoor air, and water quality. We carefully test and select construction materials in order to incorporate non-toxic or minimally-toxic products. Our buildings combine architecturally-contextual exteriors with clean, green building technologies. By minimizing energy usage and harmful chemicals, we strive to provide homeowners with a better and healthier interior home environment.

The firm’s mission

The firm’s mission is to engineer healthy living by creating innovative yet traditional homes built a safe, new way, improving the air we breathe indoors. Through the use of carefully chosen and tested construction materials, HHB uses non-toxic or the least toxic products available to safeguard the air circulated throughout a new house. Their buildings combine architecturally-contextual exteriors with green building technologies intended to provide homeowners with a better, cleaner interior home environment, minimizing energy usage and maximizing health.

The firm’s core principle is to pioneer the use of materials, systems, and design to protect the health and wellness of its occupants through improvements in indoor air quality.

We only use non-toxic building materials where we can

Our focus on indoor air quality begins with the careful selection of building materials. Many conventional construction products emit harmful vapors including formaldehyde, phthalates, PBDEs and VOCs. We use solid wood cabinets and millwork with absolutely no toxic glues or adhesives instead of conventional particleboard (MDF) or plywood cabinets which are the worst source of formaldehyde in homes.

We make sure all of the indoor air is filtered

Our buildings incorporate whole house air filtration systems, which optimize indoor air quality with a constant exchange and purification of fresh outdoor air. These filtration systems have been shown to dramatically reduce the incidence of respiratory illness triggered by exposure to household dust and chemical residues present in carpeting, furniture, and other home products.

Water purification is essential to healthly living

Water filtration has become essential for homeowners looking to dramatically reduce exposure to harmful toxins. Our buildings incorporate a whole-house carbon water filtration system with to purify all incoming water from municipal water sources. With the addition of point-of-use microporous membrane full-flow filters (reverse osmosis), you will never have to buy bottled water again.

Power that harnesses a sustainable energy source

For maximum energy conservation we incorporate state-of-the-art solar powered water heating systems. The system is linked to the whole house water filtration and purification system to provide clean, solar-powered hot water. With the addition of an ultra-high efficiency condensing natural gas boiler and low temperature radiant floor heating in all the bathrooms, the residents will have a home which maximizes energy efficiency while minimizing costs.