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Way Beyond Green™ custom homes and renovations

From planning and construction to living your healthiest life, we are bringing the importance of using non-toxic materials and indoor air quality to home building and renovations.

Improved indoor air quality

People spend up to 95% of their day indoors. Indoor air is far more polluted than outdoor air.

Purified, filtered water

Contaminants likely found in drinking water: VOCs, perchlorates, arsenic, radium, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, parasites, fluoride, antibiotics, and toxic bacteria.

Non-toxic building materials

Traditional new construction uses toxic building materials and finishes that are proven harmful to homeowners.

Energy-efficient designs

Conventional homes disregard the advantages of natural light and potential cost savings.


There is a better, healthier way to build. All of the materials we use are researched and tested by certified professionals for purity and safety.

Traditional Builders
Indoor AirHighly efficient fresh-air exchange (ERV) system. Fresh air in, stale air out. Activated carbon filtration plus HEPA, VOC air filtration. Garage exhaust ventilation system to remove toxic gasses (benzene, CO2, etc). Soil gas extraction system for Radon gas, VOCs and other pollutants.Basic heating and cooling systems with inadequate filtration and no air extraction systems.
WaterWhole-house carbon filtration and purification system with point of use reverse osmosis filters.No filtration or purification of ground or municipal water supplies.
Building materialsNon-toxic, zero VOC, and formaldehyde-free solid woods, paints, primers, stains, and finishes. Recycled, non-toxic denim insulation.Carcinogenic insulations, formaldehyde-laden MDF and particle board, drywall treated with biocides, fungicides, and pesticides, caustic adhesives, and harmful finishes.
Energy efficiency & SustainabilityDesigns that maximize natural light, solar panels, and electro-magnetic (EMF) shielding. Phantom power-loss mitigation system.Conventional designs without regard for energy efficiency or sustainability.

What about mold?

Mold is a highly toxic substance that will affect your health, indoor air quality, and damage your home and belongings. Any suspicion of mold should be taken seriously and Healthy Home Builders™ is a Licensed Mold Remediation Contractor.

I just want to express again how satisfied we are with your company. Pete is a godsend, he may have told you about the mold remediation fraud. If it was not for Pete having our back we would be in big trouble. I never met a builder who cared about his clients so much. My husband shares the same sentiments. Also, please send many thanks to Dave for warning us about the ducts. Everyone on the team has great integrity and just so lovely. So thankful to have you guys.

Eva K.

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