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Video Updates

We invite you to view our video series that chronicles our entire home construction process. You’ll get an in depth look at the people, products and methods we utilize to build incredibly healthy homes. Including what goes into keeping a new home as non-toxic as possible with the utmost care given to air and water quality. Please visit our YouTube page and subscribe to our channel.

Watch the entire “Watch Us Build” series

The following videos from our Watch Us Build series are available to view now right from our YouTube Channel. Don’t miss an episode – please subscribe while you’re there!

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Episode 1 – Demolition
Episode 2 – Excavation
Episode 3 – Foundation Prep
Episode 4 – Foundation Footings
Episode 5 – Framing
Episode 6 – Framing Part II
Episode 7 – The Building Envelope: Windows & Exterior Insulation
Episode 8 – Vermont Slate Roof Installation
Episode 9 – Natural Gas Combustion Fireplaces
Episode 10 – Ductwork – Clean Air Starts Here
Episode 11 – Landscaping – Indigenous Plantings
Episode 12 – Recycled Denim Insulation Installation
Episode 13 – Exterior Update & Driveway Installation

The following videos can be viewed separately right from our YouTube Channel

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Who Is Healthy Home Builders? Learn More About Us Now!
Our Previous Home Construction in Scarsdale, NY
It Takes A Village & A Buttcrack